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What is Free Word Counter Tool?

There is a significant increase in competition which is pushing all businesses especially the writing industry to be perfect in every sense, be it grammar, words count or even the counting of characters used. Content is king and we all know that. Writing good content is not enough as there are various other parameters which are important to take into consideration to make the content presentable.

One of the key parameters to make the content productive and interesting for readers is words count. Word count can be defined as an important metric in the industry for writing, especially for people who are into publishing, academia, advertising, as well as in legal proceedings. With word counter online counting words will be easy and prompt.

The word count is the number of words which are used in content or text to explain or define something. Word counting needs may arise when you want a text to remain within specific numbers of words.

This type of typical requirement can be in the case of academia contents, legal proceedings, advertising and journalism. With the use of Word Counter Online Tool, you can calculate the number of words there in your text. You will get an idea if the written words are enough or it exceeded the required limit.

This character counter online tool for counting words can calculate the total character or letter count including space and special characters, sentences, and few also calculate paragraphs included in the text entered in calculator box.

One can also type the sentences directly on the calculation box to keep a track on the words typed and once a specific limit is achieved can copy and paste it to the doc file or final source.

What Makes Word Count so Important?

Be it website, blog, an e-book or even an official document, all are different and needs a specific amount of words to count text length. Few social media platforms restrict the word limit and here the character counter gives good support.

  • Twitter – Maximum count of 280 characters
  • Facebook - Maximum 63,206 characters for a post and 8,000 characters for writing comments.
  • Instagram - Max 30 hashtags and 2,200 characters in one caption
  • LinkedIn - Headline text maximum of 120 characters, 2,000 for the summary section, position title maximum of 100 characters, while description box maximum count is 1,000 characters.

How to Calculate Using the Word Counter?

Website Word Counter Tool is very easy to use and deliver instantaneous results. It will reflect word count mentioning words, sentences, characters, and paragraphs.

Besides words, it acts as a character count tool and also used as word counter google docs, PDF files, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe InDesign, and several others are there. Just copy the text from designated files or websites and then paste right on the Word Counter Toolbox.

The Tool will calculate and reflect the same. There is no restriction for the number of words you can count using the tools. Counting words or characters are so simple these days with such amazing tools.

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