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What is Domain Age Checker Tool?

Domain age refers to the period since the domain was registered. In simple words, it is the age of a website. For example, a domain registered in 2005 will have a domain age of 15 years in 2020.

There have been debates over the significance of domain age. While some people are adamant that domain age is not significant others, link it with SEO. Anyway, the domain age provides some useful information. A domain age checker tool is the easiest way to find the age of a website.

How to Use a Domain Age Checker Tool?

There are plenty of tools, both free and paid, that calculated the age of a domain for you. In most cases, a simple domain checker will work just fine. However, specific tools are inefficient when it comes to domains that have been renamed and moved.

To find the age of a domain, type the desired URL in the search box. Hit search and wait for the results to load. In a moment, the website domain age checker tool will present the required data to you.

Most of the tools provided the necessary information about the date when a domain was registered, updated, and is due expire. Some advanced tools, such as Whois domain age checker tool, provide details about web hosting history and website history.

Significance of the Domain Age

Some would argue that there is no practical significance in knowing the age of a website. Nevertheless, here are a few aspects related to the domain age.

  • First of all, it is an indicator of how old a website is. This is an essential piece of information while overtaking a site.
  • It gives an idea of how long a website took to grow. Further analysis is crucial to learn about the potential of a website in the future.
  • Several google domain age checker also provides information about site history. It shows if and when a domain was renamed or sold.
  • Before buying a website, it is essential to learn how long it has been running. Also, it helps to learn how well the traffic is maintained over time.
  • The older the website, the higher the possibility of higher rankings. SERP rankings improve over time as more and more relevant content is published on a site. An older website is likely to have more backlinks than a young competitor in the same niche. This accounts for a higher reputation.
  • Generally, an older website boasts higher traffic. However, it depends on the content, SEO, and marketing strategies by a great deal. Nevertheless, any website that has been active and updated regularly will steadily grow large traffic.
  • There is no direct link between SEO and the age of a website. However, a domain that has been regularly moderated ranks higher.

Certainly, there are several good aspects of an old website. Yet an older website has a higher possibility of being associated with high black hat SEO techniques. If you are looking for a reputed bulk domain age checker tool, visit WebmasterFly.

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