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About My IP Address?

An IP address is a primary tool for online connectivity. The Internet Protocol address is popularly known as IP address and it is the numerical label that is attached to every device. This address helps to connect with the computer network while using an internet protocol for communication.

There are two main services offered by an IP address locator of a device and these are identifying the host or the network interface and addressing the location of a device. So, if you type my IP address, then you will get the complete details of the numerical address of the device.

The function of an IP address location is to identify the host and the network interface. It shows the position of the host in the network. This indicates what we look for and where the location is.

How is an IP Address Written and Tracked?

By tracking an IP address, it will be easier for a website to get more advanced and enhanced marketing. An IP address is written and presented in such a form that can easily be read by a human being. For example, it is written as in IPV4. Again, IPv6 the address is written as 2002:db7:0:1253: 0:765:7:1.

Tracking an IP address is done with the help of an IP address tracker. The tracker at first collects the data and then records further movements. Javascript is used to record the address by attaching the code on the website for tracking the address. Then a huge amount of data is collected and website analysis is carried on.

Once the recording of the address is done, the data is extracted with the help of the tracker and then the location is determined. The data you will get depends on the exact tool that is used to track the data.

How to Find Someone's Exact Location with the IP Address?

Visit the IP tracker website and enter the IP address which you wish to trace out right on the search bar. Once done, just press Find, and within a few seconds Infront of your screen, you will get all information about the correct location of that specific IP address. Well, the information will include the Region/nation, city, and also the accurate latitudes and longitudes of the place.

Different IP Versions

In the present day, two versions of IP are being popularly used. The main version was first developed in the year 1983 which is known as IPv4. If one types as My IP Address ipv4 then the address will be shown as which counts 8 bits in a group. This version has a size of 32 bits and it limits the address space to 232 addresses.

The second version is IPv6 and as per this version, the address size is enhanced up to 128 bits. This provides 2128 addresses. Well, IP address ipv6 has the facility to change automatically the routing prefix. To do the changes there is no need for internal redesigning or renumbering.

Detecting your or others IP address is now simple and easy.

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