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What is URL Rewriting Tool?

The primary use of the URL rewriting tool is to switch the dynamic URL into the Static URL. The advanced URL rewriting tool or module helps to ease this conversion process. Those who have their websites, usually use redirect generator for URL so that this conversion can be done within less time. This online process helps in proving the SEO of any website too.

URL Rewriting will be used when one wants to convert the dynamic URLs into a static URL. The URL rewrite model helps in making this conversion happen. In general, a website owner makes use of an online URL Redirect Generator. Well, it saves time and also effort. In addition to this, it also helps in improving the SEO as well.

Types of URL

Two types of URLs are there, one is a dynamic URL, and another is the Static URL. Long strings of characters like +,#, %, etc. are observed in this URL. These URLs are bound to change with time. Again, the static URLs are shorter than the dynamic ones. These URLs do not change over time.

Professionals in the field of SEO do this transformation with the help of a URL rewriting online tool because the static URLs are easy to remember. These URLs can also be bookmarked due to their static nature.

Again, static URLs help a lot in Search Engine Optimization, and hence webmasters mainly prefer the static one.

Benefits of rewriting URLs

Professionals always suggest keeping the website URL static so that it can help in good SEO ranking. The purpose of conversion or rewriting of URL into static is because the static URL is shorter and easy to remember.

Static URL is more comfortable to bookmark, and this helps a lot in generating a directory to the database of search engines.

Again it has been noticed that once the URL rewriting tool htaccess is followed, the rank of a website gets enhanced in almost every search engine platform. Once you have a static URL, then it will be easier to include a keyword in it.

It is extremely beneficial for search engine crawlers as they can search the keyword easily and comprehend the background of the webpage.

This benefit cannot be availed if the URL is dynamic. It takes a long time to search the domain due to a dynamic URL. Here one can use the XML rewrite generator, which will create a sitemap of the links. It will be easier for a crawler to index the website faster if they get a static URL than a dynamic one.

I hope you will start thinking about the URL rewriting tool if still, you didn't plan for it.

This conversions process is also helpful to upgrade the website and enhance the ranking. This is normal that a website with a higher ranking on the search engine platform will attract more traffic and helps to get more business deals.

WordPress has also allowed recently to customize URLs of the websites, and you can take the help of WordPress rewrite rule generator. Please take advantage of URL Rewriting Tool and enjoy its benefits.

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