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What is the URL Encoding Role?

In recent days URL encoding is a popular term. This is an advanced form to encode some characters in a URL by swapping them with one or more than one character triplets. These are available with % along with two hexadecimal digits.

URL Encoding helps in converting the reserved, unsafe, as well as non-ASCII characters present in the URLs to a typical format that will be universally accepted as well as understood by every web browser and server.

A URL encoder decoder tool supports the best encoding of URL. The term URL encoding is a bit inappropriate as this technology is not limited to encoding of URL only.

Apart from URLs' encoding, this technology is also applied to URI or Uniform Resource Identifies and URNs or Uniform Resource Names. The two hexadecimal digits represent the numeric value of the replaced characters. 

What are the characters that are used in a URL?

The characters which are allowed in the URI can be either reserved or unreserved. Reserved characters are the one which sometimes comes with a special meaning, and the unreserved characters do not carry any such special meaning.

Base64 Decoding Technology

Another simple online tool is the base64 decode, which meets the criteria of encoding and decoding. It performs the entire process quickly and with utmost simplicity. This online tool can encode the data without any hassle and decode it into a format that you can read easily.

The encoding technology of Base64 is mainly used when there is a requirement of encoding binary data. This encoding is required when the data is needed to be stored or to be transferred over media. This process ensures that the data remains intact, and no modification is done to the data.

The applications where this URL encoder decoder online is done are

  • Email via MIMe
  • JSON
  • Storing complex data in XML

There is no character set while the encoding scheme is carrying on for any textual data. Hence it is necessary to specify which data is used during the entire encoding process. It usually is UTF-8; however, there it can be others too.

URL encoding using Java

If you find you need to do URL encoding and decoding very often, then using the option URL encode Java will surely be the best option. This process has become quite common in recent days and popular too.

The primary method of Java encoding works as follows:

  • The URL that you want to decode remains variable. URL 2, which you want to decode, also remains variable. The encoding method of a predefined java class is used, and it is known as a URL encoder. This takes two arguments.
  • The first one defines the URL, which is to be encoded, and the second argument ensures the encoding scheme, which is to be used at the time of encoding.

The decoding will not be done until and unless the URL cannot be decoded further. Here a predefined Java class, namely URL decoder, is used for the decoding process. Take advantage of the URL encoder decoder online.

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url encoder decoder online tool

url encoder decoder