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About Social Status Checker

Social status Checker is a convenient and exceptional marketing tool. It is used by marketing analysts to check the performance of a blog or a web page on widespread social media platforms and networking sites. You can check your blog or website's analytics, performance, score and growth on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other similar social networking platforms.

One should know that to get a higher website ranking on search engines, it has to be connected to one or more social media sites. SEO's and webmaster's must periodically check the social status of their websites and that of their competitors. It is where a Social status Checker comes in handy. This will help you to know how much traffic is being initiated from social media networks.

Why Do you need Social status Checker?

People now a days spend more and more days on social media than any other platforms. The hype of internet and social media networking websites has taken over on a majority of people along with companies who ate actively seeking opportunities to give rise to their business on every social networking sites possible. This craze of getting your brand in the eyes of the viewer is what gives companies, brands and individuals go for a tool that will help them learn about their performance and analytics. Alongside, keeping an eye on their own brand social status checker can also help you to know about your competitors as well, hence giving an upper hand on social media networks.

The social status checker tool helps you acknowledge your behaviour on the social media. It gives you a field of vision of your social media status on how many social views and shares you have got and how substantial is your visibility. It is a free and handy tool that gives you the social status details in an organized way.
Not only Social status Checker helps you visualise your own post and website performance but also assess the websites of your competitors. It will help you learn about you competitors presence on social media and networking websites as well so that you can use those figures to make sure you have a better visibility and performance on social platform than your competitors, giving you an heads up to your competitors and boost your ranking. 

How Does Social Status Checker Work?

Social status checker by WebmasterFly is a great tool that can assist you in analysing and keeping track of your social networking status. Knowing about these social status, one can modify their SEO accordingly and social media campaigns which will be beneficial for website traffic, views and conversions. It is a simple yet efficient tool to track social media statistics and do not require any signups at all. This tool can assess social media data that will help you to learn more about in which social networking sites you are performing well and in which ones you need to put more efforts.

Social status Checker helps you learn about the following social media statistics:
- Facebook Likes: - Number of times your post/website is liked on Facebook.
- Facebook Share: - Number of times your post/website is shared on Facebook.
- YouTube: - Number of videos on your page.
- Twitter: - Number of tweets on your posts/website.

This tool works on all browsers and do not require a database. All you have to do is input your link into the box. Social status Checker helps you to see which of your valuable data or post is being liked, shared or tweeted the most. This gives you a clear idea about the content that performs well on social networking sites. Social status Checker is a free online tool to monitor social performance of your website or blog on top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you have those social buttons on the website, you need a way to see how many shares each page of your website receives and Social status checker helps you with that only.

This tool is fast and reliable that don't need no signup. It run on all browsers and provides accurate results. This tool is useful to know social status of your popular post and comments.

Ways to Improve Social Media Status

  • To boost one’s social media presence and visibility, one need to be active on social media networks by posting on social media networking sites often and at the optimal times. In fact, businesses and companies should be tweeting 10-15 times per day.
  • Making your customers wait for long hours for business calls and long respond times in a big no for creating a big impact, customers prefer being reverted back on social media via messages as this will eventuallycreate a good customer to business relationship and great social media presence.
  • Even before gaining a client and/or customer, businesses and companies should know about promoting their social media profiles and networking sites to the relevant and to the point audience which will further help the business to gain a good social media visibility.-
  • The best way to create a lasting social presence is being aware and up-to-date with the popular social media trends. This gets your business and brand in front of a lot of people surfing through internet and trending topics on social media networks. Look into the hashtags that are trending and you can use.-
  • Being on the trending side is one way but social media is also about visuals so creating an eye-catching visualisation is also a great step towards marking your social media presence. People will always choose good visuals over good content.-
  • Creating an audience and keeping then on the trending side is one thing but once they are inactive you can lose your presence and degrade your performance soon afterwards so keeping your audience active and interacting with your post, page or website is also needed for keeping up with the social media presence.

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