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Have a website, but concerned about its design and development? A page, be it a blog page or a web page- has to be completely amazing, regardless of what device it is operated or visited on. A webpage should be appealing enough to attract visitors to better business growth and development.

Once the website is developed- everything is taken care of with it! But that isn't the truth! Yes, every aspect of graphics, fonts even resolution is taken care of when a webpage is developed, but what if you are setting up a website on your own? That's when the best freepage size checkerfrom Webmasterfly comes into the picture. 

What is a Page Size Checker?

For those who don't know what a page size checker is, don't worry. We have got you covered! Every website page holds different genres of information; some can be pure entertainment. In contrast, others can be educational and eCommerce, productive and knowledgeable, and this information is often represented in the form of multimedia files (pictures and images) for better traffic engagement. But such multimedia information can take up a lot of time to load and eventually take up internet speed and time, of course, and can lead to less visiting of the audience to your website. 

Importance of Page Size Checker

A high internet connection is available that improves the connectivity, and the webmasters don't have to bother much about the load time and web page size. The factor is essential from an SEO point of view and usability. Survey says, if people had to wait for more than 10 seconds for a webpage to load, then the visitors might overlook your page and move on to your competitors.

A dupli page checker improves the user experience and eventually, the online business with ultimate engagement and traffic. Every website must contain engaging content to let the user keep exploring the website and stay active on the webpage. 

How to Use a Page Size Checker Tool?

Using an online file size checker is easy to use by copying the webpage or website URL and then setting up the proper page size. Indeed you can adjust the size and moderate it accordingly. Page size checker tool helps provide faster results of the page size considering the parameters of the ideal page size.  

Your web page size takes more than 60 kb; then, you might want to decrease the size and make it perfect for loading the page instantly, meeting all the SEO guidelines that help you decrease the bounce rate of the page webpage. You need not have any technical skills and can access all the sizes of the page.

Free Page size checker online by Webmasterfly enhances the page quality, improvises the traffic on the website, and helps the web owner to make the website work as quickly as possible. Reducing the website's load time on all the devices and web pages must match the aspects to be maximized as it will keep both the existing and new visitors engaged.

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