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About Mozrank Checker Tool

All the backlinks generated for a website have a more significant impact than non-SEO professionals can imagine. Moz Rank is the tool that ranks websites based on link popularity. Given the importance of this score, no brainer that it is so popular.

This tool was developed by one of the biggest SEO agencies, Moz. Among several other tools, the Moz rank checker tool stands out. In this article, we’ll learn about the significance of Moz rank and its connection with Google PageRank.

What is the Moz rank?

It is a tool developed by the leading SEO consultancy, Moz, that measure link popularity. It is a measure of link quality, importance, and popularity of a website. Moz Rank is a scale from 0 to 10; the higher the Moz score, the better a website is.

This tool takes into account all the links that are linked to a website. The experts at Moz have developed a logarithm that measures the quality and quantity of links on a website. It involves several factors to determine the quality of a backlink.

This score has nothing to do with Google PageRank. Google has its logarithm that considers several factors to decide the position of a webpage on SERPs. However, improving the Moz rank will improve the overall website traffic, engagement, value, and search ranking.

How to calculate the Moz rank of a website?

It can be easily calculated using an SEO Moz rank checker.  These tools are extremely easy to use. You need to enter the URL in the search bar of the tool and wait for a few seconds to load results. WebmasterFly provides the best free SEO Moz rank checker.

Significance of the Moz rank

It is a tool with greater SEO and market insights than one can imagine. Moz rank does give not only a score but also provides essential info regarding links. It can help to improve link authority and analyze well-performing keywords, pages, and links.

While Moz rank has no association with Google PR, but the two improve simultaneously. Moreover, there are other search engines than Google, and they all have individual logarithm to decide website rank. Therefore, the Moz rank is a tool that helps your website improve on every search engine, not just google.

Here is what a Moz rank checker tool can be used for:

  • Competiton analysis: The Moz rank has many answers to the question: 'Why do my competitors are doing better on SERPs?' It gives insight into details like the number of links and the best quality link.
  • Improves link authority: Again, a simple search on SEO Moz rank checker will provide you with information with the quality and quantity of links. Link authority can be improved by using better quality backlinks from reputed sources.
  • Enhances SEO: Moz rank prepares an SEO strategy that is apt for multiple search engines. It also helps you to learn more about keywords.

How to improve the Moz rank?

There no shortcuts to improve the Moz rank factor. The most definitive way to go about it is by enhancing the quality and quantity of backlinks from relevant sources. It takes time to improve the Moz rank score, especially above 5.

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