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About Keyword Density Checker Tool

SEO is tricky, quite tricky. In the late 1990s, it was not too tough to rank high on SERPs. All it needed was to stuff dozens of relevant keywords to shine on the search engines. However, during the years, the google algorithm has improved quite a lot. Nowadays, proper use of keywords and keyword density is essential to rank in search results.

Stuffing way too many keywords may lead Google to impose a penalty on your website. Hence it is essential to determine ideal keywords and keyword density before publishing content. The SEO keywords density checker tools calculated the KD of a text.

Before we jump to learn more about the keyword density, let’s discuss what keywords are.


Keywords define the main topic around which content is focused. These are the most critical factors in SEO. A keyword attracts visitors and bots to a web page. A visitor runs a search on search engines by inputting keywords.

Therefore, keywords and keyphrases are a quintessential part of SEO, one that can’t be overlooked. Relevant keywords help to increase organic traffic on the website. Moreover, they improve search rankings on SERPs. Now, let’s discuss keyword density and how a keyword density checker online tool works.

Keyword Density

It is defined as the number of times a particular keyword has repeated over the total number of words in a text. For example, if a keyword is repeated ten times in a 1000 words long blog, its density is 1%.

There has been a debate over the optimum keyword density for a web page to rank high. This is a never-ending debate as keyword density alone can not affect search rankings by a great deal.

In the late 1990s till the late 2000s, it was easy to rank higher by stuffing several high-volume keywords and keyphrases. However, with the advancement in the Google algorithm, the density became less significant.

Significance of Keyword Density Checker for Website

Many people believe that keyword density has no significance whatsoever. This is absurd, KD is still significant to some levels. If a web page has a ridiculously high keyword density of a parent keyword, it will attract a penalty from Google.

Therefore, it is essential not to over-stuff the article with unnecessary keywords. At the same time, you can not ignore high volume keywords as these are search inputs that account for a considerable percentage of traffic that your website receives.

An SEO keyword density checker also helps in determining several low-volume keywords that are embedded in the text. At present, the relevancy of keywords and quality of content is much more significant than keyword density.

Usually, a KD of 1-2% is considered ideal. However, many websites use the main keywords just once or twice but still rank high. To do well in rankings, you must come up with the best keywords and phrases and keep the density close to 1%.

How to Use a Keywords Density Checker Online Tool?

These tools are quite easy to use bulk keyword position checker. All you need is to put the URL of a webpage in the search bar and hit the search icon. WebmasterFly offers a free online keyword density checker.

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