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The importance of using a Google Index Checker tool

The Google site Index Checker tool allows you to check multiple websites at the same time. Many SEO professionals, webmasters, and website owners are using the tools to understand how many web pages are indexed for a particular site. This tool is essential for those who have multiple websites. You can also check how many pages have been indexed within each website.

What is the meaning of the Google index?

Google index helps a website to be seen on a search engine. The indexing system uses various keywords on the site whenever a person searches using a particular keyword. However, if there are any issues with the website, then Google does not index the particular page.

How to use the free google indexing tool?

The index checker tool is useful for website owners in many ways. Through this tool, you can manage all your websites as well as know how many web pages are indexed. To use the tool, you have to type in the URL of all the websites you want to check and click on the check button.

Within a few seconds, the tool will generate the results that you need. The information is essential when you want to fix any issues with a web page or improve your website's overall performance.

How to get a list of all pages indexed by google?

Most of the time, Google indexes most of the pages present on a website. If most of the webpages are not indexed, then that could be a problem. In such a case, the best thing to do is to create a sitemap. It is an XML file that is installed on the main server of your website. Through this file, you can keep a record of all your webpages.

Once you generate and install the sitemap, you can submit it to Google Webmaster tools to index all the webpages. However, you also have to understand that if your website is a new one, it will take time to get indexed by Google.

Why should you use the free Google Index page Checker tool?

For any business to sustain online, it is essential to have a flow of traffic. With the help of the Google index, you can enhance the flow of organic traffic to your website. The tool is designed to help you to understand which pages are indexed and which are not.

Just like any other search engine, even Google checks every live website very carefully. It scrutinizes and visits all the sites regularly. Also, if all the webpages are not indexed, it is not a problem. What matters most is that at least most of them are indexed.

WebmasterFly Google Index rank Checker tool is free to use. This tool is reliable, fast, and user-friendly as well. Through this tool, you can check the Google indexing of all your webpages. It will also help you to gain more traffic and improve the links on your webpage. It also makes it easy to maintain your website after Google has indexed it.

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