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Online hacking and various other cybercrimes have become a growing concern. Once you have an online presence, you have to ensure that you take all the necessary precautionary measures to keep yourself safe. Every day, we hear cases of identity theft and other such cyber-related criminal activities. If that is not enough, even our email accounts and social media accounts stand a chance of getting tracked or hacked. This often gets us thinking - is email secure? Thankfully, there are various kinds of online tools to help us protect our usage. One such tool is the Email Privacy online tool.

The importance of email security

Today emails are no longer used to send or receive mails. We also store and receive a lot of sensitive information. Unlike Encrypted Emails and Secure Emails, which operate on a secured server, the data saved in an unsecured server remains forever. This is one of the reasons why people need to ensure that they work on secured servers only.

The importance of email privacy in the workplace

Nowadays, it is common for businesses to have their own set of email ids for professional communication. While companies do as much as they can to maintain the security, you can never say when things can go wrong. In the workplace, a lot of critical and vital information is shared every single day. In case a company's server is hacked, the business is vulnerable in many ways.

Understanding work email privacy and cyber-crime prevention

Cybercrime is one of the growing concerns today. Even authorities have stressed on the need to adopt various security measures. When you are in a professional surrounding, one of the expectations is work email is privacy. Many experts recommend that people and companies should shift to the encrypted email service to protect their data.

Benefits of using the Email Privacy policy online tool

Given that employees and business owners have to be online whenever needed, this tool plays an important role. It is vital to ensure that you are accessible for your professional needs; nevertheless, it is also crucial to ensure safety. Let us look at some of the benefits of using this tool to maintain privacy while using your email

1. It helps to avoid the loss and theft of data

2. Keeps you connected even when you are accessing your mail from your mobile phone

3. This tool will help in the protection of confidential information for both professional and personal uses.

4. This tool will also help as a preventive measure for identity theft

5. Repudiate Sent Messages

6. If the messages are stored on a simple mail transfer protocol AKA SMTP, this tool will protect the back-up on the unsecured server.

WebmasterFly’s Email Privacy tester is an online tool that will help you with your email privacy concerns. This free, user-friendly, and reliable tool will help you enhance email privacy and take care of any concerns related to it. Moreover, you can be rest assured that all your information and data will be protected in the best way possible.

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