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Most of us use domain names so that we can search the required website easily. Sometimes the names of these searched websites are kept bookmarked so that one can find it if there is we forget the website name.

Along with a domain name, the need for IP address for any website can never be ignored, and it's a must. Hence, we can notice a considerable increase in the application of domain into IP converter.

Well, the application of domain names is made for the search of the favourite websites; and even if we wish, we can also bookmark the same in the search browsers. One can write it and store the same to avoid something wrong with the machine.

But why is there a need to know about the reverse ip domain checker tool? Such information is important if one wants to keep details regarding the domain.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name denotes the name of the website. This name helps internet users to access the website easily. This is used to search and identify the address of a website on the net. You can notice a blend of combinations for a domain name of a website.

There are a series of numbers; however, it is difficult for a human being to identify them. Domain names are being developed to identify an entity with the help of the website name.

What is an IP Address?

The IP address, also known as Internet Protocol address, is a series of numbers assigned to every computer connected to the internet. The conversion of the domain name into an IP address is done with the help of advanced converters.

Two main functions are served by an IP address: the identification of host or network interface, and another is addressing the location.

The IPc4 or Internet protocol version helps to define an IP address as a 32-bit number. The new version of IP is known as IPv6, and it uses 128 bites to denote an IP address. The new version comes into force due to the enlargement of the internet and diminution in IPv4. 

The Process to Convert Domain to IP address

The conversion process of the domain to IP is done with the help of DNS or Domain Name Service. One can access the domain name of a website with the help of DNS. DNS provides a system with the help of which it becomes easy to access the domain name, and the interaction becomes easier. 

Finding an IP address of a website is quite easy. One can use the commands like tracer or ping to get the detailed IP address. Besides, providing a detailed IP address shows the location too. The process to convert domain into IP can be followed in the following ways.

Ø Use the command prompt and type "CMD" in RUN

Ø Then type NSLOOKUP and press enter, and you can view the IP address that you want.

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