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Codes play a significant role in the development and maintenance of a website. Each code has a specific function, and, at times, things can go wrong. In such cases, finding the root of the problem is necessary. Going thru the entire code can be time-consuming and frustrating. Moreover, there are chances of missing out minor details. In such cases, the help of the Code to Text Ratio Checker tool comes in handy.

What is the Code to Text Ratio Checker online tool?

It is an online tool designed to help in the percentage identification of any web page text. An algorithm is used to compute the text so that a person can use the website accordingly. When there is a bad code or a missing code, it can create problems with the website's overall functioning. You may find the site to be sluggish and slow, which can also result in various losses.

Why is the website error checker tool so important?

When a website has problems loading or takes time to load, the company loses a lot of potential customers/clients. Moreover, even the flow of traffic reduces drastically. The tool is designed, keeping in mind the importance of a fully-functional and fully-optimized website. A quality site is not only about the content that is uploaded. It is also about the overall performance of the website in general.

Why is the code to text ration so necessary in SEO?

Search engines use the codes for computing purposes. It also helps to enhance the overall ranking of the page. When there is a problem with the code, it can lower the site's overall ranking. This is why a website owner or webmaster has to keep an eye on the code. Even SEO experts recommend that site owners and webmasters should use this tool.

How to use the website checker online tool?

As mentioned earlier, this is a free online tool that anybody can use. It is reliable, fast, and easy to use by SEO professionals, webmasters, and website owners. To use this tool, just enter the URL of the site on the space allotted and click on the Check button. Within a few seconds, you will get the results with all the relevant information. The results will contain

•    The Page Size

•    The sites code size

•    The text Size of the website

•    The Code to Text Ratio

WebmasterFly’s code checker tool is user friendly and reliable. The developers have developed this tool, keeping in mind the need for a fully-optimized website. With this tool's help, you can easily find out where there is an error in the code. That way, you can rectify the problem to improve the performance of the website.

Since it is an online tool, you can access it anywhere and whenever you want. Moreover, you do not have to spend money or download the tool. It will save you the time and energy of going thru the entire code to understand where the problem lies.

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 Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker tool