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What is the IP Address?

We all are aware that the internet service provider (ISP)assigns a unique IP address to the users to get connected to the internet. The ISP provider is responsible for providing you with a relevant and available IP address. The IP address routes internet traffic to your computer. Internet Protocol address or better known as IP address is your computer's internet address. If you have a look at your IP address, it might look something like

When using a dynamic hosting service for providing you with an internet service provider for getting your website hosted; a class address will be assigned to your website by the service provider. 

IP addresses are controlled and governed by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and its regional registries to various organizations worldwide, IP report can be extracted to get data with regards to IPv4 address assigned and exhausted in a particular year by an ISP which helps in checking the left out IP’s and many other advantages.

About Class C IP Checker Tool

The fact, class c IP address checker tool is a simple and efficient tool that shows the IP class of IP address of the domain which can be used to know that whether the same address is being used by other resource and is getting duplicated. You can use our  bulk IP address checker tool to determine if the same C range is hosting various websites.

With the support of our reliable class c IP checker tool , it is quite easy to find out in case two or more domains have been assigned the same IP address. You can determine duplicate IP addresses and its block range If you have several cross-linked websites, it is recommended to host all the websites on different IP ranges. We are developing these tools and will provide free of cost to use for the user. So, a user can use this tool free of cost on our website.

What is the Need of IP Checker? 

How to check class of IP address and why do you need to use it to manage your website?

As already mentioned above, the Internet Protocol Address or commonly known as IP address is the address by which your computer is identified on the internet.
For instance, if you are using an email service like Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook, the service providers must use your IP address to update you whenever an email is received. Likewise, when you are using a browser search engine, the request is sent from your computer to the internet service providers which in turn have service provider's IP and forward your request. Hence, you form a link between the search engine service provider's server and your system.

Having Same C Block: Is It Risky?

If you have some of the neighbour links and they belong to a good neighbourhood, then you have nothing to worry about. Still, if you suspect that somebody of your neighbours is involved in spurious activities such as in hosting spam websites, then it is a real concern and is time to be worried. Your website, as well as the websites of your authentic neighbours, will also be suspected by search engines. Being suspected by search engines is not a healthy sign!

On the other hand, if your entire neighbourhood is involved in some kind of forged activities then your website can be blocked. Your entire neighbour can get excluded by Google and other multiple search engines. For this purpose, you constantly need to use IP checker so that no one else can sharing your Class C IP block.

Various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Safari may use check IP address location or website IP address lookup while interacting with your system or your host service provider. It is likely for your email address to be the same, but your IP address might be different. For instance, if you switch from your home Wi-Fi to public Wi-Fi then your IP address will also change. That is why your service provider has to keep an eye on the track of your current IP address for communicating with you better.

In case an individual or a company is launching a new website on a server, then they must use the free class c IP checker tool to check which other websites are using the C class as yours.  This tool is managed to see who your neighbour is. If you find out about genuine neighbours, then you can choose for the hosting services. On the contrary, if there are spam websites then better stay away and choose a different host service provider.

Launching and maintaining a website takes time and effort. The last thing you need to raise your website reputation by using these tools like bulk IP lookup blacklist checker and bulk IP address checker tools which are easily accessible on the internet and helps to manage the website, These tools can be beneficial in checking your IP neighbours. Use such tools regularly and stay away from worry and anxiety.


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