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Links play an important role when a person wants to browse a particular webpage. Every website has various external and internal links that can lead to a specific page. When there is a problem with any link, the page does not get displayed; instead, you get a 404-error message.

A Brief Note About Links

The HTML object that allows you to browse a page is called a hyperlink or a link. Whenever you click on the link, it will take you to a particular page or content. In short, a link to a page is similar to an address for a physical location. These links help you to navigate between various pages. Moreover, you can even attach them to different other HTML elements and images.

Factors that can Result in Broken Links

A dead link AKA broken link means that there is a problem with the particular link. This could be due to factors like
•    The website is permanently or temporarily unavailable
•    The particular web page has been removed, redirected or deleted
•    There is a change or modification to the permalink of the page
•    A firewall or any other such software may block the link
•    The website has not been used for a long time resulting in link rots

When your website has various broken links, it is not a good thing, especially for those who operate their business online. In such cases, you need to use a google broken link checker online tool to help you out.

What is a Broken Link Checker Wordpress Tool?

One of the best ways on how to fix broken links is to use a tool that can help you identify it. Searching for a broken relationship can be frustrating and time-consuming. Moreover, if you have not used the website for a long time, it can also have various broken links called the link rot. With this tool, you can identify the broken links on your website and fix them.

How to Use the Best Broken Link Checker Online Tool?

Due to constant updates and uploads, a website has many pages to cater to the user's needs. Because of this, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the links on the site. The easiest way to do so is by using the online tool for broken links.

To use the tool, you have to place the URL of the website that you want to check on the space provided. After that, you need to click on the Check button. Within a few seconds, you will get the results of all the broken links on your webpage.

HOWAYS’s Broken Link Checker is an online tool that is free to use. With this tool, you can easily find out the links that are broken and do the needful. This tool is user-friendly, and since it is online, you can use it anytime. This tool uses a unique algorithm that helps to provide the necessary results to a person. SEO professionals, webmasters, and website owners can use this tool whenever they want.

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