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Email spams can be annoying, thoroughly! Escaping such disturbance needs to avoid internet connectivity, but do you think that's possible? Indeed, we can't escape the internet as we live online, especially the businesses. Emails that get checked, filtered before reaching the inbox is something the email system administrators have adopted.

These systems check the emails and filter the emails and messages thoroughly before reaching any inbox or the IP addresses that are listed under SURBL and DNSBL systems. When you use a website blacklist check to look for your website or the URL if it has been blacklisted on the server.

Yes, there’s more to blacklist lookup, and you might want to know more about it.

What is the Blacklist Lookup?

Webmasterfly provided free blacklist lookup checker tool is the most useful tool for any individual or the website most certainly. If you live online, then you might want to keep an eye on your website if it has been blacklisted under the systems. You can merely enter your IP address on the spam database and see if there are any checkmarks against your site.

Email address blacklist check helps determine if your emails and chats are being blocked and if your IP address has been blocked already. These also ensure that the emails you receive or sent from your end are not from the blacklisted websites to avoid spamming and cyber safety.

Why Do you Need a Blacklist Lookup Tool?

If you have your domain blacklisted, then you are already in the spammer category, and ultimately your domain or website reputation has been dropped too. The free blacklist lookup checker tool from Webmasterfly helps identify the blocked sites, and if your site is in the list, you have to confirm your authenticity and request the systems to be removed from the blacklist.

If you are buying a new domain, you need to verify your domain or the website if it is blacklisted. If you notice that your site SEO is degrading day by day and performs poorly, then Google blacklistcheck can be helpful to find that out. 

How to Know if my Domain is Blacklisted?

Using the Google IP blacklist check is easy as you have to enter the URL or your domain name or even your IP address and see if it is checked against. You shall get a report of the database and see if your site is blacklisted. 

If you find yours in the list, then you have to prove your authenticity and ultimately request the site to remove your website from the spam list. We, at Webmasterfly, provide self-removal tools that do not need much procedure.


Getting away from the blacklist could be tricky, and once you are on the list, it takes a long shot to be removed. However, it is better that you check your domain names before you purchase one. Indeed, using a barracuda blacklist check can be useful and can remove your domain from the list.

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