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What is Article Rewriter Tool?

The three most important aspects of SEO are relevancy, quality, and the uniquity of content. Your content must be plagiarism free with impeccable grammar. It must be relevant to the topic to enhance the authority of a website.

There is not ample time to always process your thoughts and create content from scratch. At times, writers take the aid of an article rewriter or spinner to generate a unique, plagiarism-free, and relevant article easily.

Article rewriting is the process of rewriting words, sentences, or complete paragraphs of an already-existing piece of content to avoid plagiarism. When it is done online using an article spinner, it’s called content spinning.

Spinners are web tools that rewrite the content in a matter of seconds. The "spun" content is unique and plagiarism free. However, it is based on another written text when generated using a 'spinner.' Therefore, it requires a thorough paraphrasing.

There are dozens spinner - both paid and free. They all work similarly. However, the results vary vastly. A bad spinner rewrites a paragraph word-by-word by inducing synonyms of words. It creates contextually, incorrect content.

Therefore, you must use the services of a premium article rewriting tool. This does not simply rephrase the content word-by-word; rather, it generates unique and amazing content based on ideas of another article.

Moreover, a best article rewriter tool takes additional care of the readability of the content. To top that, it generates SEO-friendly content, meaning, it induces words and phrases that are doing well on Search Engines.

How Does it Work?

A spinner works by spinning the content word-by-word. Spinning requires changing the word structure and inducing new words. All you need is to enter the text that you wish to rewrite. Some rewriters even have the option to rewrite directly from the web link of a page.

Once the text or link to the text is copied, it takes a few seconds to generate rewritten text for the spinner. An excellent article rewriter online tool such as WebmasterFly generates text that is easy to read with excellent grammar.

It works by changing the meaning of a sentence by replacing words with similar words. For example, a rewriting tool will change the word 'increase' with 'enhance, boost, hike, rise, etc'. These words have a slightly different meaning to the original word.

It uses Spintax (Spinning Syntax) technique to rewrite or paraphrase already existing content. Not every spinner works effectively. For example, certain rewriters can detect idioms and common phrases and do not alter them.

However, other spinners do not have human intelligence and can alter words like  'United States of America' with 'Integrated Federations of America". This does not make any sense. Thus it would help if you chose a smart free article rewriter.

WebmasterFly offers the best article rewriter at zero cost. This free article rewriting tool generates readable, engaging, and unique content. Text spinning was once labelled as a black hat SEO practice. It has now become a common and essential SEO practice.

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