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The easiest way to drive traffic is by ranking high on SERPs. This is a well-known fact. SEO people focus on several parameters to learn how to rank higher on search pages. One of these parameters is Alexa rank. Alexa rank is often misunderstood as Google Page Rank.

Both of these scores differ vastly. While Google RankPage takes into consideration the website authority, Alexa rank is a metric of popularity. In this article, we’ll learn about the significance of Alexa Rank and methods to find it using a global Alexa rank checker.

What is Alexa Rank?

The Alexa rank of a website is its ranking among all other live websites. Hence it is a metric that shows where your website ranks among the rest 1.5 billion others. It is famously termed as a 'metric of popularity.'

Rankings based on popularity are derived based on site traffic and engagement. Therefore, websites with high monthly traffic, low bounce rates, and long sessions have a high Alexa rank. It can be influenced by SEO, advertising, and other marketing strategies.

How to Find the Alexa Rank of a Website?

It can be easily calculated using an Alexa rank checker tool.  These tools are extremely easy to use. You need to enter the URL in the search bar of the tool and wait for results that take just a moment. WebmasterFly provides the best free Alexa rank checker tool.

Significance of Alexa Rank

It is used to find the position of a website among all the live sites. As mentioned before, it is quintessentially a popularity ranking tool. The term ‘popularity’ refers to the collective data of traffic and engagement.

However, for a digital marketing professional, Alexa rank collects much more data than the popularity factor. Here is how the Alexa rank helps to improve your website.

  • Competition Analysis: You can search for Alexa rank for your competitors. This opens information about their traffic and engagement. It can be used as a target to outdo the competitors.
  • Market Analysis: Calculating the Alexa rank using the global Alexa rank checker gives an excellent insight into market trends. These trends are essential for you to target to draw more and more traffic.
  • Enhanced monetization: If you have monetized your website/blog, a higher Alexa rank is a blessing. The higher the rank, the better you’re paid to advertise on your website.
  • SEO analysis: One of the most critical aspects of Alexa ranking is SEO analysis. Alexa rank shows pages with high traffic and engagement as well as pages with high bounce rates and low traffic.

How to Improve the Alexa Rank?

Since this ranking system is valued highly, brands all over the world wish to improve their Alexa rank. The best way to do it is by enhancing traffic and engagement. Here’s how you can improve the Alexa rank.

  • Improve the SEO of the site to improve search rankings.
  • Create high-quality content that keeps the visitors engaged for longer durations and reduces bounce rate.
  • Take the aid of Social media marketing and quality backlinks to increase web traffic.
  • Regularly update the content.

It would help if you regularly used any Google Alexa rank checker to compare your Alexa rank with that to the competitors.

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