Our Mission Statement

Since the inception of HOWAYS, we have been working hard behind the scenes making sure that our projects are not just completed but exceed your expectations.

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  • 9910-699-789
  • project@howays.com
  • 206a Mukund House, Azadpur; New Delhi

Privacy Policy

HOWAYS will not collect or share your information with anyone else unless in the event that you have consented to such an act. Your personal information is in safe hands.

Your privacy is most importance to HOWAYS. The privacy policy you are reading will explain the type of information that we collect. You will also know how the information is used. You will need to read this carefully before you use the HOWAYS website. This policy may change in the future so you are advised to read it regularly.

When using this site bear in mind that you have consented to the use of your information as stipulated in our HOWAYS privacy policy and the Terms of service. The policies that have been outlined here may change from time to time however any changes will be posted here and you will be made aware of the information we gather from you. HOWAYS will also let you know what we do with your information.

What information does HOWAYS collect?

Customers may find themselves in a situation where HOWAYS requires to be provided with personal information in relation to the services that you are getting from HOWAYS. We only collect the personal information of an applicant with their full consent. You the applicant will also be offered an option to discontinue future communications.

The use of Cookies

HOWAYS uses cookies to track the trends of a user’s patterns and preferences in order to improve service delivery and quality. Many browsers notify you to refuse or accept cookies. You can visit our site without cookies.

Sites that are linked to HOWAYS

HOWAYS has links to other websites. The sites that link to us may send cookies to solicit or collect personal data. HOWAYS does not have any control over these websites therefore; we are not responsible of any breach of privacy whatsoever.
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