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When you want to present your ideas, business, or passion to the world in the best ways, you need a well created, curated, and crafted website. The benefits of the best free responsive website builders online are that they have an immense number of features, are quite affordable or free, and no coding knowledge may be required to begin with website building when you use them.

The option can be quite useful when you want to build your website fast and/or when you want to save costs spend towards hiring the services of a web developer and website designer. While a good website may easily cost around $2000 or more, it is only 1% of the amount when you use a best responsive website builder online.

Apart from medium and small/medium scale businesses, freelancers, event planners, professionals, bloggers, and others can also use the tools and make giant strides in their business by spending the money in more critical areas.

If you are confused about how to choose the best website builder for your website, below are top 9 of the best website builders. By website builder comparison, you can choose one of the best to build your online presence in the most effective and successful ways.

1. BigCommerce

While the BigCommerce website builder can be used for building other kinds of websites as well, it is best website builder for ecommerce and mostly used in building the eCommerce websites only. The website builder has multiple SEO friendly tools and provides excellent and effective integration with many different channels, which can be useful for online businesses and retail websites. BigCommerce can be used by all kinds of businesses, including medium and large scale businesses.


  • The best website builder site / builder provide many options and functionalities for scalability, which may be quite useful for online stores.
  • The wide range of SEO tools makes it easy for businesses to rank well on the search engine results and generate good business.
  • Social media integration tools and features help businesses sell across networking websites, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Built-in features include theme optimization, mobile optimization, and responsiveness, among others.


  • Beginners may find new and sophisticated technologies too high for their standard.
  • The software and technology may not be secure or highly convenient to use because of the many advanced and useful features available.
  • It is a more specialized kind of website builder suited for eCommerce. Hence other interests, including bloggers, may not find it highly useful.

2. BoldGrid

BoldGrid website builder can create and build professional websites, and the white level website builder may also be suitable for beginners. It integrates the features of content management systems like WordPress to produce more functional and vibrant websites. A separate hosting account is required, but BoldGrid integrates with WordPress website builder and is free in itself. The website builder automatically provides relevant content images (following your idea, business industry, or goal) and other inclusions, unlike other builders that may throw at you the dummies.


  • A great number of customization features, including more than 2000 themes, fonts, menus, colors, and the “what-you-see-is-what-you-get ( WYSIWYG) interface, are available.
  • Professionals, as well as beginners, can use it.
  • It has the inbuilt drag-and-drop functionality that makes website building a lot easier and convenient.
  • The presence of a high number of SEO tools and the staging area ensure that it is successful as soon as it is published.


  • Hosting is not included in the website builder package, and hence it is to be bought separately.
  • It may be complicated and not for those who do not want a WordPress site.
  • It may be a bit complicated and requires sometime towards learning.
  • There is no integration of eCommerce provided with the package and website builder.

3. website builder can be a very simple and best website builder for DIY projects and initiatives. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface ensures that no coding language is needed to start with website building. The option can be useful for personal websites as well as for the websites of small and medium scale businesses. No coding language is required for using the website builder, and there are also video tutorials available to make the task easier. It also has features for eCommerce as well as for creating websites well-optimized for mobile devices.


  • The affordable “intro” offer is cheap at $1.95 and also includes a custom domain name.
  • The presence and availability of industry-specific templates and freely available images, headings, menus, and other types of content, ensure that the website can be launched almost immediately. It can save hassles and discomfort.
  • Support is available 24 by seven and includes the phone support option.


  • The introductory offer of 1.95 per/month changes to $ 22.95 after a month. Therefore, there are no free plans available.
  • Customization options are quite basic and may not provide for extensive tweaks.
  • There are other limitations, and the website builder may seem to be out of date in some cases.
  • There is no option for browsing templates. However, the user can choose from the three layouts that he/she gets after providing the industry name.

4. Gator by HostGator

HostGator is one of the biggest web hosting services provider, and Gator website builder is its offering only. Features, including drag-and-drop and the presence of templates, ensure that almost anybody can build a website without knowing any coding. Features of the Gator website builder for small business, blogs & online store include both basic as well as some advanced features that can be used by small businesses as well as by personal bloggers.


  • Ranks among the easiest-to-use website builders platform for small business.
  • It offers many features that can help the integration of social media and networking websites, including Facebook and Instagram, among others.
  • Sign-up prices are quite low, and hence launching a website is quite affordable.
  • The onboarding tutorials provide for a quick and easy start and introduce to all the buttons and functionalities.


  • Medium or large-scale businesses may not use it because complex websites cannot be built by using it.
  • It does not support email marketing, and hence such marketing moves cannot be made with the website.
  • Content does not adjust automatically, and hence space should be created before any addition is made.

5. GoDaddy Website Builder

The name of GoDaddy does not need any introduction, and it is a well-established and reputed business company. Beginners can also use the html website builder as it does not require any coding knowledge. The designs are optimized for mobile responsiveness. There are four different plans to choose from (domain name not included), which start at $ 10 per month. However, for the first month, the use of the Godaddy website builder is entirely free. The online store has been integrated with the editor, and specific basic SEO capabilities are present.


  • It is a cheap software with multiple features that can provide for mobile responsiveness, which is the need of the hour.
  • The builder has good structuring and website creation optimization. The addition and removal of elements are quite convenient even for the beginners.


  • Basic blogging support is provided. However, the addition of videos, tags, and other content is not possible.
  • Options for layout are quite low. However, the elements can be arranged in different ways.
  • Some people may find support unsatisfactory. While the response is adequate, the information provided by the support may seem to be confusing.

6. Shopify

Beginners can create awesome eCommerce stores by using the Shopify (best website builder for online store) eCommerce application, and tool. Also, those knowing HTML and CSS can edit it further to incorporate more desirable elements. There is no need to install the software anywhere or to buy hosting as all these functionalities run out of the box and because Shopify website builder is a hosted solution. The store can be managed from anywhere, and there is a monthly fee to be paid.


  • The “lite” plan may be one of the most versatile, cheapest, efficient, and highly featured plans for starting an online store.
  • It supports other business models like Dropshipping as well.
  • There is an immense number of responsive and attractive templates freely available.
  • The Shopify online store is managed through the apps, including the iOS and Android apps as well.
  • Other features include comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) options, multi-currency support. And the built-in email marketing tool, among others.


  • Some capabilities and features may require the installation of the Shopify app.
  • Reporting facilities are provided only for expensive plans.
  • Email marketing functionality has basic features only.

7. Simvoly

The new entrants to the segment have features including the drag-and-drop feature and others that help novices start with website building immediately. Simvoly is tuned towards generating sales by optimizing the sales funnels and by converting the leads obtained through the landing pages. Professionals, including architects, web designers, contractors, and photographers, can easily sell their services and product relativity by using the Simvoly website builder. The block feature can be used to add the videos and blogs, and to invite comments among other functionalities.


  • The website design templates are highly responsive, attractive, customizable, and can be used with convenience.
  • Extensive digital sales functionalities are available that can be used by a variety of professionals and industries.
  • All the site data is provided on the dashboard, making it easier to run the analytics and infer more about performance.


  • There are no photo editing tools available, which inadvertently place restrictions.
  • Shipping services cannot be integrated with the online sale site and e-commerce.

8. SquareSpace

SquareSpace has options for beautiful customizations, appreciable templates, and other quality features and functionalities that provide for professional looking and scalable websites. Non-techies and people will know coding language can build their website in a few hours by using the SquareSpace website builder. There is a free 14-day trial period as well, and small businesses and professionals may prefer the platform to their personal/business websites.


  • The attractive and easy-to-navigate interface makes it easy to build a website. Some learning is required, however.
  • No coding knowledge is required or essential for using SquareSpace.
  • Any number of products can be sold without any transaction fee.


  • The drag-and-drop feature is section-based and may require a little learning and experience.
  • Not for building the larger eCommerce stores, companies, and empires.

9. Strikingly

Small businesses, as well as professionals, can now develop and build their single page websites by using Strikingly website builder (best website builder for small business). The basic plan is free of cost and can be used for building the basic website versions.


  • A focus on single-page design ensures that the sleek and modern website pages can be created swiftly.
  • The best support is available with the builder, and all the queries are resolved fast and effectively.
  • The website buildup process is quite convenient and simple with the website builder.


  • The single-page design and template may not provide for proper search engine rankings.
  • While the free version has limited capability, the more efficient and featured versions are quite costly.
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